Holistic Concept

Cross-disciplinary with a focus on the essentials

An American study with 5,000 cancer patients has found that patients with tooth loss through periodontitis have a significantly higher cancer rate, specifically oesophageal cancer, head and neck tumours, and pulmonary cancer.

The American Association for Cancer Research published a study in the May ’08 edition which found that dental loss is a result of chronic bacterial infections, which is a significant risk-factor for cancer. This shows clearly that dentistry is about more than teeth and caries and rather general oral heath, supporting the fact that there are plenty connections between oral diseases and the whole body. Because of this, it is integral to combine insights from many disciplines and viewing teeth as a part of the body.

We are connected with practices from many different specialties; therefore, we are well attuned in our goal to offer our patients the most optimal therapy at the right point in time.

With all chronic illnesses, for example, allergies, migraine or gastrointestinal complaints, the source could be in the teeth.

  • Translocated wisdom-teeth and heart attacks
  • Root treated incisors and prostate/bladder issues
  • Gum inflammations and diabetes

are often related to one another. It is important to be aware of the effects of the teeth on the general well-being and how they can be addressed, especially for individuals who have problems with their teeth or who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Here at our practice, putting the influence of the teeth onto the whole body is at the core of what we do. Allergies and eczemas can fade, headaches, joint pain and herniated discs can improve.
In our practice with fuse the most recent scientific development of conventional medicine with the insights of holistic dentistry to be able to offer you a customised treatment plan.

Treatment methods in holistic dentistry: acupuncture, homeopathy, enzyme therapy, bio resonance therapy, herbal medicines, magnetic field therapy, bowel rehabilitation, nutritional counselling, orthomolecular therapy, ozone therapy, aromatic therapy and Bach flower remedies.