General Dentistry

Root canal treatment

Is my tooth healthy if it doesn’t hurt?
Teeth infections don’t have to result in pain. It is not uncommon to identify infections only on x-ray images. The dentist then sees that the bone around the dental root is disintegrating, which can then be treatment and then stopped.

How can a “dead” tooth causes pain?
During a root canal treatment, the nerve vessels inside the tooth are removed. The tooth socket can get infected and hurt if bacteria travels from the inside of the tooth to the bone.

How can dental treatment help?
The goal of root canal treatment is clean and disinfect the root canal from bacteria and to prevent repopulation through a dense root filling. Once the infection is fully remove, the pain vanishes.

What is the prognosis of a root canal treatment?
According to international studies, the chance for success is around 75-80%. These high success rates can only be achieved through using modern treatment methods and techniques.

What comes after the root canal treatment?
Many root canal treated teeth are quite breakable, which is why the tooth is often stabilised with a crown. In case a lot of substance had to be removed, additional stabilisation with a root pin would be necessary.