Interference Diagnostics

Interference fields

Our body can tolerate various irritants, for example a struck knee, a strained shoulder, toxins from food and the environment, flus etc and the healing process starts right away. After that, the body regains its balance; however, if there is some form of interference, the healing process is slowed down or impeded entirely.

Interference fields are chronic, somewhat dormant inflammations which weaken the immune system and can lead to the body not responding to various regulatory therapies. This means that one has to search for chronic inflammations every time when there is some sort of resistance to a therapy. As 80% of chronic illnesses have roots in the individual’s oral health, analysing this area is of prime importance.

Interference Diagnostics

Diagnostics build the foundation of every treatment with holistic principles and is therefore a component at the beginning every time, including a thorough examination of the teeth and a anamnestic check-up of the overall health.

Key components of the diagnostic is a clinical examination with a functional and periodontal status, a radiological with panoramic and punctual imagery, as well as material detection and consulting from an aesthetic point of view.

Oral health is measurable with an OroTox-Dentalanalysis

The OroTox text is an easier, faster, painless and cost-effective analysis to determine whether or not there is a connection between “inexplicable” symptoms and dead and/or root canal treated teeth. The OroTox test examines metabolic products from bacteria from gum diseases, infected, dead and root canal treated teeth.

Benefits of the OroTox Test

  • Early identification of oral problems
  • Aiding the decision making if a root canal treated tooth has to be removed
  • Control of the process and success of therapeutic measures
  • Allows to preserve the teeth without the fear of spreading of bacteria and other toxins
  • Check-up of the teeth

Procedure of the OtoTox test

A small amount of fluid is extracted from the gum of the affected tooth and then analysed, which is then examined based on a colour-change of the fluids. It is crucial to not eat or brush the teeth an hour before, and professional dental cleaning should be done at least 14 days before.

Supporting holistic therapies: oral acupuncture, ear acupuncture, body acupuncture, homeopathy, enzyme therapy, bio resonance therapy, herbal medicines, magnet field therapy, bowel rehabilitation, nutritional counselling, orthomolecular therapy, ozone therapy, aromatherapy and Bach flower remedies.