Fear of Dentists

Almost everyone has a certain fear of visiting the dentist, some more than others. Memories of the last visit such as smells and sounds trigger fears and worries in many people.

Test: How scared are you of a visit to the dentist?

  • Do you have tachycardia, tremors, sweating, nausea, chest pain, cramps or similar whenever the day of an appointment is coming near?
  • Have you ever cancelled an appointment or not made a new one as a result of it?
  • Have you ever stayed away from an urgent treatment as a result of it?
  • Do you shy away from laughing in public because then others might see your teeth which would need attention?

If you answered more than one question with “yes”, there is a high chance that you already have a strong fear of the dental visit.

Things you can do against your fear

  • Look for a dentist you can trust! Ask around your friends and family whom they trust
  • Mention your fears to your dentist and the team before treatment
  • Ask the dentist to explain every step of the treatment to you individually
  • Agree beforehand on a stop-signal
  • Bring something to listen to your favourite music
  • Breath calmly. Flex and relax your muscles by slowly making a fist with both hands five times
  • Ask for an injection beforehand. The area around the puncture can be numbed down, so that you don’t feel anything
  • Treatment can be gentle and safe with hypnosis
  • Acupuncture, ear acupuncture, Bach flower therapy and herbal remedies can be used as support
  • If behavioural therapy, depth psychology or hypnosis don’t work, there is the option of psychotropic drugs or anaesthesia

Supporting holistic therapies: ear acupuncture, homeopathy, bio resonance therapy, herbal medicines, magnet field therapy, orthomolecular therapy, ozone therapy, aromatherapy and Bach flower remedies.