Our Practice for Oral Health

Competence with heart – Everything personal, under one roof and metal-free

We warmly welcome you in our practice for:

  • Integrated Dentistry and ceramic implants
  • Biological Dentistry
  • Systemic Dentistry
  • Environmental Dentistry
  • Oral Surgery
  • Interdisciplinary and integrative oral health

Our Philosophy – Seeing the Person/Human/Patient as whole – Behind every tooth there is a person

Healthy teeth are the requirement for a healthy body. This is why we emphasise prevention and cross-disciplinary action with many systemic diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatism, cancer, tumour diseases, cardiac diseases, anorexia, bulimia, multiple sclerosis (MS), multiple chemical sensitivity, migraine, headaches, orthopaedic and inflammatory diseases, stress, mental and neurological disorders, ADD and ADHD, autism, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) etc.

We use our longstanding experience and our high-tech machinery for your well-being. Our practice has a comprehensive digital 2D and 3D-diagnostic. All treatment steps are controlled by two physicians according to the two-man-rule to provide our patients with maximum security. Our patients profit from a consistently high qualitative care, a wide expert knowhow and additional medical services.

Our practice is conveniently located and disabled friendly. Our patients visit us from a 400km radius, as well as from Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Romania, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. For this reason, our team is multilingual and proficient not only in English, French and Spanish, but also Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Polish and Russian.

Our quality can be seen in the clip below – see for yourself:

Competence – excellence: our passion for detail as the basis for dental health

Teeth are an integral component of our body. Oral bacterial infections can cause life-threatening infections through the whole body. On the basis of evidence-based interdisciplinary complementary medicine and with all of our heart, we use our knowledge, ability and two-decades full of experience to not just ensure that your teeth are healthy and attractive, but also that your body is in good health.

Ecological and Modern: Nature meets high-tech

A healthy lifestyle is the result of a balanced diet, sufficient physical action, time to wind-down and to liberate your body from toxins.

Simultaneously, it is imperative to free your body from inflammations and incompatible materials, which is why we work completely metal-free and utilise only tolerable materials. We ascertain which materials could strain you and aim to find/re-establish a harmonic connection between body, mind and soul.

Being a partner of educational institutions and universities to be at the epicentre of the current medical developments, as well as our knowledge based on experience, act as a basis of our daily actions.

Interdisciplinary and Innovative: Support and care customised for your needs in each specialist discipline

To find the right treatment even in considerably difficult cases, we utilise progressive methods with cutting-edge technology and combine them with insights of various disciplines.

Our staff and partners have enjoyed multifaceted and distinguished education and can offer in any situation a personalised solution, regardless if you are covered by the statutory health insurance, or if you are privately insured.

Still here? Great!

There is a plethora of reasons to choose a practice for holistic, environmental, systemic and interdisciplinary dentistry.

Our practice utilises both seasoned traditional therapies, as well as the newest international methods to offer you the most effective treatment.

Our strength and competence lies in the two-decade old harmonic combination of evidence-based conventional and evidence-based complementary dentistry.

Treatment which is fully metal free, at a high standard and catered exactly to your needs is at the heart of our work.

Our Practice is twofold…

We focus on the one hand on holistic and environmental dentistry with a specialisation on aesthetical and functional procedures. On the other hand, we also act as a centre of competence offering a wide array of preventive and diagnostic treatment. As a remitter- and reviewer practice we closely work with our partners to offer you customised treatment.

The system behind the best dental treatment: a detailed diagnosis, a systematic approach and a successful application

As one of the few dental practices in Germany which have specialised in environmental dentistry, offering chronically ill patients a comprehensive approach to liberate them from their ailments. Through a targeted diagnosis based on academic and complementary medicine the life expectancy of your teeth, dentures and implants can be prolonged.

You are at our core

While everyone has a different definition of well-being, our entire team aims to work towards customising the treatment for you and giving you the best possible experience.

We value

  • Gentle treatment
  • Biological materials
  • Newest scientific insights

Our Practice’s own Lab

Having a lab in our practice offers you plenty of benefits, as our dental technician can be integrated into the treatment process at any time.

Through this, our patients benefit from:

  • Quicker processes
  • Clear agreements
  • Optimal colouration

Our dental technician uses not just his skilled eye and years of experience to fit dentures harmoniously between the other teeth, but also modern equipment (CAD-CAM-System) to ensure the best results.